Get Crystal Clean Water

It’s time to think about your pool! Bring in your water samples and ask questions—we are here to help you maintain your water

Our expert staff at Pool Tech love a product called Pool Complete. Pool Complete is a 3-in-1 additive that helps your pool water look just gorgeous—shiny, crystal clear, and inviting.

Your regular routine of adding chlorine to kill bacteria, shock to remove contaminants, and an algicide to prevent unwanted blooms keeps your pool water looking healthy and clear.

Adding a capful of Pool Complete each week ensures your water stays super clear, reduces unwanted phosphates and prevents unsightly waterline rings (who wants to scrub waterline rings?). Pool Complete doesn’t interfere with other chemistry. It’s a great value as one bottle can last an entire season for an average pool.

We also have Pool Opening Complete, which is specially formulated to remove winter grunginess. It works in all types of pools, above ground, in-ground, and saltwater.

Do you have cloudy water, other contaminants, particles or copper staining? Call or stop in and ask our staff for their expertise in choosing a specialty product to make your water crystal clean! | 319-365-8609

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