Oooooh, not Eeew!

A common complaint about Hot Tub use is irritated skin. Harsh chemicals and long soaks can dry you up, leaving you itchy. We have discovered a new product, SilkBalance®, that remedies this problem, and will make you fall in love with hot tub all over again!

We like it not only because it transforms the experience of soaking in your hot tub, but also because it transforms the experience of maintaining your hot tub. Just shake-and-pour! AND, it smells great too, no chlorine-y odor. It can’t get any better!

Here are some customer comments:
“completely happy with the results”
“never dries out my skin”
“makes it feel rejuvenated!”
“likes getting into the spa now”
“Easy, feels good”
“It is so gentle on skin”
“could tell the difference with the water”
“What a difference!”
“relax, and say hurray!”
“it leaves our skin soft”
“skin feels so much softer”
“leaves our skin feeling normal”
“smooth and silky”
“skin feeling refreshed”
“100% pleased with the product”
“changed the hot tub experience”
“my skin is never dry “
“soak for hours without any skin irritation”
“We love SilkBalance”

SilkBalance was developed by a cosmetics company with an interest in making a product that feels good AND works chemically to keep your Spa clean and safe, read here about the science of how it works. Stop into Pool Tech and feel the water for yourself!

We love helping you enjoy water!

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