Polaris 9300xi Robotic Pool Cleaner: Works, AND way cool!

If you have a large pool you will want to check out the Polaris 9300xi automatic pool cleaner. It has notable features above the previous model, it has been recognized as an EnergySmart Product, it has been called “revolutionary” by RoboticPoolCleanerReview and IT WORKS!

Watch the review of the Polaris 9300xi, available at Pool Tech.

The 9300xi combines advanced engineering, bold styling, innovative aquadynamic design, and unmatched intelligence to be the benchmark of all robotic pool cleaners.

The Polaris 9300xi has a patented Vortex vacuum technology that provides extraordinary suction. The debris container is large and very easy to access. It has a 70 foot cord, which accommodates a pool up to 60 feet long. You can custom program the cleaning cycles or use the Remote Control.

The unit has all-terrain aqua trac wheels for good traction and has a solid, not pleated, blade for aggressive cleaning. It thoroughly cleans the pool floor, walls, and scrubs the tile line. Did you watch that video? This machine works.

Here are the links for the Polaris 9300 website and the Polaris 9300 brochure.

Or, e-mail Pool Tech and we will send you one.

Stop in or call us (319-365-8609) and our experts will help you select the robotic cleaner that is best for your pool. We love helping people enjoy water!


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Riverside Splash Pad

We agree with Mayor Bill Poch from Riverside, Iowa. Questions should be fully answered before approving taxpayer dollars. We also agree that Splash Pads can be a lot of fun!

Taxpayers should be aware that it is more cost effective and safe to have a Splash Pad that recirculates treated water than one that runs tap water. Water, a natural resource, should be considered a more valuable resource. Running tap water which needs to go back to the treatment facility can be wasteful. Leaving the faucet on can be costly!

Safety is an issue for Splash Pads as well. Splash Pads have been seen as an alternative to “baby pools,” an option that keeps diaper contents away from other bathers. Although it seems that contaminants go down the Splash Pad’s drain, in use, contaminants can stay on the flooring of the pad and remain on the water features, on anything that the users come into contact with.

Properly treating the water that swimmers use is necessary for community aquatic facilities. The chemicals used wipe out buggies quickly, reducing person-to-person transmission. Tap water may not eliminate bacteria and viruses that accumulate on handles, pipes, toys and water features, but properly treated water will.

Good planning in the beginning can certainly benefit for the long term! At Pool Tech we love helping people enjoy water!


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Winter Works at Pool Tech

What keeps us busy in the winter? We have much to do between the times we close pools for the winter and open them in the spring.

On the commercial side, it’s time for indoor construction. A couple projects under construction this year are the WinnaVegas Casino in Sloan, IA and the Therapy Tubs at the University of Iowa Carver Hawkeye Sports Medicine Center.

Our commercial sales staff is consulting with existing pools/aquatics directors. This year there is a deadline for ADA compliance in March. We are assisting facility operators to find the best options for their particular facility and their patrons.

Therapy Pool at Landmark Commons

Example of a lift at Landmark Commons, a senior living center in Waterloo, Iowa.

Pool Tech performs analysis for a variety of pools. We can apply new technology to help an aquatic center operate more efficiently, adjust chemical needs, plan for future additions, and more.

PoolTech staffers also spend time in the winter season attending training sessions. We learn about equipment, chemicals, new products, what is going on in the industry, and spend time networking with our colleagues.

On the residential side, we are gearing up for the construction season in the spring. Our designers are working with customers to plan the outdoor living environment of their dreams. We are working with local governments and strategic partners to meet codes, obtain permits, and take care of details to create a turnkey operation for our customers.

2012 Pool with two fire pits

Lovely backyard with pool, spa and fire pits. Great entertaining space, great family space.

Our retail department is busy in the “off-season” too. This is the prime time for Saunas and Hot Tubs. We are helping customers with their chemical needs for the swim season and analyzing what updates might be needed and/or available for pool owners.

We keep busy in the winter to help people enjoy water! Swim season is just around the corner!

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Everybody In! Pool Tech can help make your swimming pool or spa ADA compliant.

New regulations about public swimming pools being ADA compliant are in place as of March 15, 2012.

•Accessible means of entry/exit are required for swimming pools. This includes a pool lift or sloped entry, and pools over 300 linear feet will also need either a transfer wall, transfer system, or ADA pool stairs.

•Wading pools must provide a sloped entry and spas must provide a pool lift, transfer wall, or transfer system.

•Wave actions pools, leisure rivers, and sand bottom pools require either a lift, sloped entry, or a transfer system.

The regulations are complex, and contain different standards for different sizes and types of pools. Give us a call (click here) for an expert opinion. Pool Tech can help you devise the best solution for your compliance with the new regulations, taking into consideration the uses of your aquatic facility and your budget.

We can consult for and update all types of pools. The Blackhawk County Family YMCA pool is a recent example. This Y chose a portable lift for their indoor lap pool. There was a small amount of assembly after the lift arrived, which allowed for no down-time to the pool. Another advantage of the portable lift is that it can be rolled away from the edge of the pool if the space is needed during a class or for an event.

We are proud of our long history in providing aquatic enjoyment to all!


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A Good Sweat!

Bathing in a Far-Infrared Saunatec Sauna from Pool Tech is so good for you! There are many benefits to a deep sweat:

• In the soothing, relaxing heat of the sauna the core body temperature rises, causing blood vessels to dilate which increases circulation. The warmth stimulates the sweat glands to get to work. Sweat is good for cooling and is also good for detoxifying your system.

• The sauna/sweat also keeps your skin in good working condition, replacing dead cells and cleansing your skin. Bacteria is rinsed away and clean pores improve capillary circulation, giving you a soft, beautiful, youthful glow.

• Aches and pains are soothed away—the comforting heat of the sauna releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain-relieving chemical. You enjoy their mild and tranquilizing effect and their ability to accelerate the healing process, quelling pain from arthritis or from an intense workout.

Our Nordic neighbors know how to relax their way toward good health! Contact us to explore your options!

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Oooooh, not Eeew!

A common complaint about Hot Tub use is irritated skin. Harsh chemicals and long soaks can dry you up, leaving you itchy. We have discovered a new product, SilkBalance®, that remedies this problem, and will make you fall in love with hot tub all over again!

We like it not only because it transforms the experience of soaking in your hot tub, but also because it transforms the experience of maintaining your hot tub. Just shake-and-pour! AND, it smells great too, no chlorine-y odor. It can’t get any better!

Here are some customer comments:
“completely happy with the results”
“never dries out my skin”
“makes it feel rejuvenated!”
“likes getting into the spa now”
“Easy, feels good”
“It is so gentle on skin”
“could tell the difference with the water”
“What a difference!”
“relax, and say hurray!”
“it leaves our skin soft”
“skin feels so much softer”
“leaves our skin feeling normal”
“smooth and silky”
“skin feeling refreshed”
“100% pleased with the product”
“changed the hot tub experience”
“my skin is never dry “
“soak for hours without any skin irritation”
“We love SilkBalance”

SilkBalance was developed by a cosmetics company with an interest in making a product that feels good AND works chemically to keep your Spa clean and safe, read here about the science of how it works. Stop into Pool Tech and feel the water for yourself!

We love helping you enjoy water!

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Perfect Planning for Spring

Fall is a great time to get going on creating your new environment. When you get the details taken of ahead of time you’ll shorten your execution time and give yourself a longer swim season come Spring!

Pool Tech listens very closely to you and all our customers to collaborate in creating the environment that meets your needs and fulfills your wishes. How you want to use the space is a critical concern. Once our architects and designers develop a custom plan you approve, there are many things in the fall we can do to prepare your site for early construction. We always encourage soil borings. Finding out what lies under your yard BEFORE digging saves costly surprises later.

Construction requires heavy machinery, and the ground in Iowa in the spring can be a ‘little’ muddy. Fall is a great time to put in a temporary path so we don’t need to wait for the ground to firm up in the Spring.

Another aspect of site preparation is removing any necessary trees, rocks, exisiting patios and so on. Let the freeze/thaw of an Iowa winter help settle the ground ahead of building.

Then you can take your time looking at tile samples, pool finishes. Look out the window this winter and imagine drinking hot cocoa in your custom spa next winter. Pool Tech is ready to get a step ahead with you!

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Inspiration: a Public Pool and an Italian Villa

Great sunshelf all around the pool.

Small pool, huge enjoyment!

This customer in Fairfield, Iowa wanted to create a backyard swimming pool and environment that visually reminded them of a favorite vacation in Italy. A small pool was desired, reminiscent of Italian-style villas, and safety and enjoyment for young grandchildren was a given.

Public pools have “gutters” surrounding them that patrons can sit on and that is what our client wanted for his grandchildren to enjoy. A gutter is quite an expense, so our solution was to create a sunshelf surrounding the pool to allow the kids to sit around the entire pool. At one end of the swimming pool the sunshelf is large enough to lounge on a beach chair, or just to stretch out.

For safety reasons as well as to prevent heat loss, this pool was designed with an autocover.  Autocovers are sturdy enough to prevent a child from falling into the pool, giving peace-ofmind to cautious grandparents! A simple touch of a button to open or close the cover is so easy! The pool can be warmed up to suit the swimmers and the autocover keeps the warmth for the next day.

Many folks enjoy their outdoor living space just for its beauty. The reflective qualities of the dark finish of this pool enhance the natural environment it is set in. The tile color and style and the wall surrounding the pool, set in the woods, creates the Italian Villa look that was desired.

Pool Tech can take on any challenge, creating unique spaces gives us the opportunity to be at our best!


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We Help People Enjoy Water!

Welcome to Pool Tech!

We LOVE helping people enjoy water! As a full service company for more than 44 years Pool Tech has been helping people get the most enjoyment from their water by delivering exceptional service, quality and lifetime value. As a member of the Association for Pool and Spa Professionals, you can feel confident that our quality and business practices are sound.

Pool Tech strives to provide the best value and to develop a long-term relationship with our customers. We stand behind our work, we will be here to support you and serve you for the lifetime of your water.

Whether you are creating an outdoor living space or an indoor haven, our creativity, expertise and our strong business ethic combine to provide you with custom and unique solutions for your swimming pool, hot tub, spa, sauna or water feature.

We make it easy for you! Keep looking here to see how we do it—we enjoy helping people enjoy water!

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