Pool Tech

Residential - Rectangle Gallery

  1. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Rounded rectangle reflects the Grecian entry. A diving board creates fun!
  2. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Nighttime lighting creates a stunning focal point in this outdoor living space.
  3. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Jeweltone color in the water contrast with the warmth of outdoor uplighting, for a magical night transformation.
  4. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Cool water by day refreshes in this backyard oasis.
  5. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    This rectangular pool is capped with a striking fountain that surprises with a slide. Geometric decking provides an elegant contrast for this wonderful entertainment space.
  6. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Breathtaking view! Curvilinear decking echoes the boulders and softens the look.
  7. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Cool waters invite and lacey landscaping beckons.
  8. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    This total environment features a spa, a waterfall, a fireplace and an outdoor kitchen.
  9. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Step in to peace and step out of the daily grind. Flip a switch and close the autocover, keeping your respite energy-efficient.
  10. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Contemporary sleek lines of the architecture are integrated into the pool.
  11. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    The In-pool spa, benches and stairs add enjoyment and interest to this pool. Warm tones create a natural look.
  12. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    The total outdoor environment.
  13. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Poised for family fun or entertaining, this pool is loaded with features. A waterfall, in-pool spa, diving stone, fire pit and basketball goal provide any kind of relaxation!
  14. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Stunning iridescent tile lends glitzy delight to the pool, spa, steps and seating.
  15. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Lighting brings a show-stopping view at night.
  16. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    What a great place to spend a steamy summer night!
  17. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

  18. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    A grand staircase sweeps around this lovely athletic pool. The rectangular shape echoes the tennis court.
  19. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    A beautiful deck, large sunshelf, swimout and interesting steps create welcoming gathering spaces.
  20. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Fresh colors and a natural environment, with the energy-efficiency and ease of an auto-cover. This deck was fitted with a foundation for a future pool house.
  21. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    A balcony view of this backyard resort.
  22. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Steps and shelves invite conversation in the pool, and the fire pit and outdoor bar bring people together around the pool.
  23. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Simplicity with all the advantages of a concrete pool.
  24. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Laminar jets add visual interest and whimsey, layout of hte pool and spa allow a clear view of the Mississippi River.
  25. Residential - Rectangle Gallery

    Bringing a little bit of Italy to Iowa! Patterned custom concrete and a deep finish add a natural feel to this unusual pool, which features a shelf all round.

Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

Beautiful pools with natural, rounded shapes
  1. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Rounded shapes speak to nature.
  2. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Gathering spaces perfect for entertaining, enjoying the view.
  3. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    A welcome renovation renews enjoyment in this outdoor living space. Pool Tech Midwest serves you for the lifetime of your pool!
  4. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Landscape, architecture, colors blend for a charming setting.
  5. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Elegant curves and faux rocks blend this deep-toned pool into nature.
  6. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Unique color and curvilinear shapes bring a natural appeal. An elevated spa allows for warm gazing over the pondlike pool.
  7. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    This water feature crafts a powerful focal point, separating this environ from its neighbors by sight and sound. Bowed steps lend a ripple effect.
  8. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Why not enjoy your pool in the crisp Autumn air? All the seasons can be enhanced with the right elements.
  9. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Meandering shapes embellished with natural stones give a friendly view.
  10. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Geometric circles combine in pool and deck for a formal but sensual appeal.
  11. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    This commanding water feature combines form and function. The sound of cascading water masks the noise of the city, the multilevel shelves create a variety of views. The structure encloses the mechanical operation.
  12. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    The lights illuminate dusk, an enchanting scene from the dinner table.
  13. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Enjoy the moods of your pool all day, and night long. We plan your endless indulgence with you.
  14. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

  15. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Clever fountain has a separate water system from this cement pond. Refreshes in many ways!
  16. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Picture-perfect fountain and wading pond, just enough!
  17. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Natural shapes hug stone walls in this pool set in a sloping yard.
  18. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Everything you need, a waterfall spa overlooking swimout and shelf near the bar!
  19. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Organic curves enhanced by a round spa and softly shaped steps and shelves. Stones further integrate the poolscape.
  20. Residential - Free Form Natural Pools

    Colorful lightshow creates an inviting, luxurious mood. Let the kids have the yard all day, and save this for you!

Residential - Indoor Gallery

  1. Residential - Indoor Gallery

    A raised spa with a full view complements this elegant pool.
  2. Residential - Indoor Gallery

    Bold architectural elements create drama and large windows bring the outside in, allowing year-round use.
  3. Residential - Indoor Gallery

    For exercise or relaxation an indoor pool is a year-round pleasure.
  4. Residential - Indoor Gallery

    Lovely views and corner steps create a welcoming family gathering place.
  5. Residential - Indoor Gallery

    Nothing better than an at-home resort! Set-in spa and a water spray add interest, the automatic cover provides safety and conserves heat and moisture.
  6. Residential - Indoor Gallery

    Beauty and function combine in this indoor swim-spa. An inspiring retreat.

Commercial Pools

Community Aquatic Centers, Hotel Pools
  1. Commercial Pools

    The Cedar River Complex in Osage, Iowa, features a lazy river, a lap pool and a recreation pool.
  2. Commercial Pools

    Pool Tech Midwest developed the mechanical room for the Cedar River Complex.
  3. Commercial Pools

    A beach entry makes this pool a great family treat for guests at the Cedar Falls, Iowa, Comfort Inn and Suites. A spa and an expansive deck create a great event space.
  4. Commercial Pools

    Slides and water features for tots at the Coralville, Iowa, Recreation Center.
  5. Commercial Pools

    The Cedar Rapids Country Club pool is set in a lovely landscape "bowl." It features a beach entry, swim area, competition pool and diving zone, plus a deck made for entertaining.
  6. Commercial Pools

    The Irish Cottage in the Galena, Illinois tourist area features a perfectly-sized pool and spa.
  7. Commercial Pools

    The Hotel Julien in Dubuque Iowa, a favorite hideaway for Al Capone, recently refurbished to its original grandeur. The pool is new, but the style perfectly blends.
  8. Commercial Pools

    This bright umbrella provides shade and a splash of color.
  9. Commercial Pools

    The Aquatic Center in Lake Carroll, Il provides refreshment the Myrtha way, a state-of-the-art competition pool and recreational pool combination.
  10. Commercial Pools

    A sunset swim on a hot day!
  11. Commercial Pools

    The Lake Carroll Aquatics center also features well-liked indoor pool.
  12. Commercial Pools

    Community pool in LeMars, Iowa. Something for everyone!
  13. Commercial Pools

    Elegant details abound in the Coralville Marriott pool area.
  14. Commercial Pools

    Inviting, soft-edged pool at the Coralville Marriott Hotel.
  15. Commercial Pools

    Mechanical room at Cedar Rapids' public Noel Ridge pool. We love to help our hometown enjoy water!
  16. Commercial Pools

    Recreation pool at the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA in Sioux City.
  17. Commercial Pools

    Olympic-style Myrtha pool at the Norm Waitt Sr. YMCA in Sioux, City, Iowa.
  18. Commercial Pools

    We were honored to keep the water clean and crystal clear for the USA Olympic hopefuls in Omaha, 2008.
  19. Commercial Pools

    Postville, Iowa YMCA pool, featuring ADA compliant entries.
  20. Commercial Pools

    Tanager Place, a residential treatment center for children, enjoys their recreation pool.
  21. Commercial Pools

    Watch for the bucket to spill! This hotel in Amama, Iowa features a large spa, the bucket, a whirlpool and a double outdoor/indoor slide.
  22. Commercial Pools

    Great slide in West Union, Iowa. What a treat on a hot day!
  23. Commercial Pools

    A stunning design! The pool area in the Isle of Capri Casino in Waterloo, Iowa features a round pool with round inset hot tub, echoing the round domed ceiling in a round building.
  24. Commercial Pools

    Community pool in West Union, Iowa. View from the top! Laps, slides, and a beach entry, a great centerpiece for the city.
  25. Commercial Pools

    View from high up the big slide at the Coralville, Iowa, Recreation Center pool. A beach entry, lap lanes, landing tank and a splash pad round out the fun.