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Custom In-Ground Pools & Spas

Enjoy hours of family fun in your own custom designed swimming pool or melt your cares away in a soothing custom spa!

Pool Tech is your best choice, from conception to finish, for your custom pool/spa! We'll design and build a pool that fits your landscape, your lifestyle and your budget. We deliver the best possible results, always constructed with quality and lasting value.

We believe concrete pools are the best option!

Custom concrete pools have the most flexibility in design, are made from natural materials, have the longest lifespan, are upgradeable and give you the greatest value.

Our goal is to help you get the most enjoyment from your water. We believe that it's important to take the time to learn about the ways in which you want to use your pool–for family fun, exercise, entertaining, etc. Pool Tech works closely with landscape architects and other outdoor professionals to help develop your project so you can make informed choices every step of the way.

Then we can develop a design that provides the best experience for you–we'll help you select the products and systems that make sense for your lifestyle. Pool Tech is an authorized dealer for the products we use in your pool, such as heaters, filters, chemical automation, autocovers, Fastlane® swimjets, vacuums, LED lighting, jets and more.

Enjoying your water!

We're knowledgeable, friendly, and we really care about our customers. When your pool or spa is complete we will teach you the basics of operation for your water. Our customers range from us doing all of the care and maintenance themselves...to doing some...to letting us take care of everything. Our staff will be there to support you!


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Get your process started!

Explore our gallery and videos and take a look at our Houzz site for some design ideas.

Contact us and we will send you a Pool Tech Pool Planner Packet with further information and options to consider for designing your poolscape.

The next step is a site visit to assess your desires and your space. You may want to take a pool tour to help you select tile, finish, other options and speak with other owners about their experience.

We welcome inquiries whether you ready to sip a cool drink from your lounge chair right now or if you are doing research for future planning.

Contact us now! Call, click, or stop in!


Concrete pools and spas are very long-lived, but the pace of technology moves fast! After some time you may want to consider a new look or improvements for your pool. There are new options to increase energy-efficiency, sustainability, and ease-of-use. Lighting, water and fire features, glass tile and colorful finishes are popular options. Contact us to discuss your options, our experts are at your service!

Custom In-Ground Spas

Treat Yourself to a Spaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! The obvious health benefits of spas include soothing sore muscles, relaxation, and reducing the effects of stress. Soaking in a spa also improves circulation and eases stiff joints, and can help relieve insomnia as well.

Spas can be stand-alone structures or a part of your pool or water feature. A custom spa is designed to fit your space, enhance the style of your home and maximize your enjoyment.

You'll select the size and shape that works best, decide where you want massaging water jets to be placed, add lighting, controls, water features, music and more.

Owning a spa should be a relaxing experience–you can count on us to answer your questions and help make the care and maintenance easy. Pool Tech offers on-going support and service after you purchase your spa. We'll help you select the systems and products that make the most sense for your situation and your lifestyle.

At Pool Tech you'll get experienced consultation and quality construction, backed by knowledgeable service. Contact us for some helpful information about different features, styles and choices for your custom spa!

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