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Commercial Chemicals

Water Treatment made simple and safer!

Acid-Rite and Accu-Tab

Pool Tech is pleased to be offering Acid-Rite and Accu-Tab tablet chemical systems for commercial aquatics!

Acid-Rite and Accu-Tab tablet systems are safer and much easier to use, saving you time and money.

There is an Accu-Tab unit to fit your needs! 


Some water treatment systems are more trouble than they’re worth. Liquid bleach is difficult to control and highly corrosive. Peroxyacetic acid requires troublesome metering pumps, and chlorine dioxide requires high maintenance costs and a large space for storage.

Accu-Tab System’s ingenious design allows for a consistent delivery rate, ensuring that the correct amount of chlorine is delivered at all times. Tablets sit on a sieve plate inside the chlorinator and a stream of untreated water reaches the bottom tablets which erode at a predictable rate.

What are the advantages of the Accu-Tab system?

  • Require less maintenance than other cal hypo systems that use cal hypo briquettes
  • Safer and easier to handle than liquid chlorine
  • Provide superior water quality
  • Consistent delivery— it easier to maintain water balance
  • Blue color for easy recognition
  • Meets local codes and NSF/ANSI 50 standards
  • Take up less storage space than liquid chlorine systems
  • No clogs!

Early adopters report cost-efficiency and staff time savings!

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A compact and effective alternative to bulky liquid acid systems. The Acid Rite PH Adjustment System utilizes a dry sodium bisulfate tablet dispensed through a self-contained skid pack. 

The Acid-Rite System’s ingenious design allows for a consistent delivery rate, ensuring that the correct amount of Bisulfate is delivered at all times. Tablets sit on a sieve plate inside the unit and a stream of untreated water reaches the bottom tablets which erode at a predictable rate.

Acid-Rite units come in two sizes, both with a small footprint! 

What Are The Advantages of The Acid-Rite System?


  • The feeders are available in two sizes capable of handling pools up to 1 MM gallons.
  • Increased efficiency
  • Eliminates safety risks to staff associated with handling corrosive liquid acid
  • Easier to transport and store, eliminates delivery and storage fees for liquid acid
  • Eliminates infrastructure damage such as rusting of metal from corrosive fumes
  • Meets local codes and NSF/ANSI 50 standards
  • Pink in color to distinguish them from other tablets
  • Have a very long shelf life—years!—and can be stored in 45-lb pails. (Stock up with Pool Tech’s Early Buy!)
  • Small footprint and no corrosive fumes-—can be installed near controller and electrical components
  • No Clogs! very little maintenance needed!

Facilities managers where Acid-Rite Systems are in use report they see a definite cost/benefit payback!

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“The Accu-Tab feeder has made a huge difference for us. Clogged lines and chemical build-up in the Pulsar feeder were constant concerns which regularly affected the chemical balance in the pool. The Accu-Tab feeder delivers a consistent feed and almost never needs cleaning. The cleaning process of the Pulsar feeder is difficult whereas the cleaning process of the Accu-tab feeder is a breeze. Time is a premium for us and the Accu-Tab feeder has required a lot less time and worry. We would highly recommend the Accu-Tab feeder.

City of Guttenberg
Water Superintendent/Certified Pool Operator
Dan Pierce

“With Accu-Tab, cleaning is the #1 benefit! I used to clean out the old Pulsar system once a month, and now, I only clean four times a year. It’s safer because I don’t have to reach in and clean out the mess and get that gooey sludge on my clothes. It also means less exposure to breathing chlorine fumes.”

Mike Sindt
Property Manager
Charles City YMCA

Learn more about Accu-Tab NO-CLOG systems!

Learn more about safe Acid Rite muriatic acid replacement systems!

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