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Renovations & Remodeling


Concrete pools and spas are very long-lived, but the pace of technology moves fast! After some time you may want to consider a new look, repairs or convenience improvements for your pool. There are always new options to increase energy efficiency, sustainability, and ease-of-use. Lighting, water and fire features, glass tile and colorful finishes are popular options. Pool Tech renovates both residential and commercial pools.

Upgrading your outdoor environment

Our goal is to help you get the most enjoyment out of your water! Pool Tech is an expert at improving your pool’s ease-of-use as well as adding water features and conducting major repairs. We believe that it’s important to take the time to learn about the ways in which you want to use your pool: for family fun, exercise, entertaining, etc. Pool Tech works closely with you to develop your swimming pool environment so you can make informed choices every step of the way.

Here are some possible pool upgrades:

  • Pool/spa restoration, redesign, addition, and replacement
  • Add-on or upgraded custom spa
  • Water features and waterfalls
  • LED lighting for nighttime entertaining
  • Swimjets and current systems for fitness, fun, and exercise
  • Special needs access and safety upgrades
  • Rejuvenate pool interior surface: re-plaster, tile, paint, coping replacement
  • Vinyl liner replacement
  • Automated control systems
  • Pump and filtration upgrades
  • Improve pool mechanical operation
  • Energy-efficient heating and operating systems
  • Automated chemical-dispensing systems
  • Automatic covers
  • Robotic pool cleaners
  • Accident damage repair

Enjoying your water!

We’re knowledgeable, friendly, and we really care about our customers. When your pool or spa renovation is complete we will teach you the basics of operation for your water. Our customers range from us doing all of the care and maintenance themselves…to doing some…to letting us take care of everything. Our service and retail staff are available to help you!

Get your process started!

Explore our Photo Gallery and take a look at our Houzz site for some design ideas.

The next step is a site visit to assess your desires and your space. We welcome inquiries whether you are ready to turn on the new waterfall right now or if you are doing research for future planning.

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“The pool is a central part of our place. When the girls were younger, this was a great pool for the family. Twenty years later, we’ve updated it to be more natural and switched to a new saltwater/ozone system. Now that we’re empty nesters, we have our grandkids over, and it’s being enjoyed by another generation. It’s a magnet: Sometimes it’s just us enjoying it, and sometimes we hang out by the pool with neighbors.”

– Dr. Clark, Iowa City

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What People Are Saying

Just A Few Testimonials About Us

"Pool Tech installed our therapy pool in 2011, which includes 4, 5 and 6-foot depths as well as jets for rehab. If we need something or have a question, we call and we get what we need. They’ve done a great job for us.”

Paul Fraise

Pool Maintenance Technician, Fort Madison Community Hospital

"Each backyard environment is unique. An architect looks at the relationship of the components to one another creating a better, more functional design. I prefer working with contractors who are very knowledgeable in their fields, like Pool Tech. I rely on their expertise of pool construction techniques and operations to provide guidance for the overall design.”

Greg Sundberg


"Building a pool was the best thing we ever did! We open it very early—it’s heated! We also have a fireplace, pergola, and barbecue pit. We spend more time outside than inside in the summer. Many nights, we’ll have a drink by the fireplace and enjoy the poolside atmosphere.”

Iowa City Pool Owner

Iowa’s most highly-awarded pool builder!

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