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Have Fun & Stay Safe by Your Pool!

A swimming pool offers one of the best ways to have fun, get fit, and enjoy the water with family and friends. In order to ensure everyone has a good time, it’s good to review and follow a few safety tips. These tips help you Look, Lock, and Learn how to keep children...

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Suspect a leak? Try the Bucket Test!

Is My Pool Leaking?  Use the Bucket Test Loss of pool water is normal, but if your water bill has gone up, your pool might have a leak. Normal water loss includes splash-out and evaporation, which varies with water temperature, humidity, wind and barometric pressure....

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Pool Water Chemistry: Keeping the Balance

The chemicals that go into your pool are, first and foremost, a means of maintaining water balance. With improper water balance, the tendency of the water to be either scale forming or corrosive can be detrimental to a pool. Maintaining the pH, total alkalinity levels...

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Get Crystal Clean Water

It’s time to think about your pool! Bring in your water samples and ask questions—we are here to help you maintain your water Our expert staff at Pool Tech love a product called Pool Complete. Pool Complete is a 3-in-1 additive that helps your pool water look just...

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You deserve long-term value!

The internet is an amazing tool, one can access all sorts of information and products. You might be tempted to purchase an item required for your pool’s operation from a website touting BIG SAVINGS! Are the savings real, or really worth it? Your pool or spa, just like...

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Add a Little Whimsey or Elegance? [Both!]

Adding a water feature or two or more is a great way to add personality to your poolscape. Beautiful to look at and to listen to, moving water creates sound, an auditory delight that masks the noise of traffic and helps you to fully relax and enjoy your outdoor oasis....

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Iowa has a lot of freeze-thaw cycles!

Maybe not our best “Iowa Brag” but it is what it is! Freeze/thaw climates create a special circumstance for construction. If not built properly, the repetitive freezing and thawing of our winters can cause soils and structures to move and become damaged and/or uneven....

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Waterline Tile

Useful and attractive! The waterline tile surrounding your pool is an expression of your style and an attractive addition to your outdoor space. It also serves some very useful functions. As your pool loses water through evaporation and splashing, and gains water...

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Sparkling clean and clear!

It pays to use quality pool chemicals At Pool Tech we advocate using quality chemicals for your pool. We are a BioGuard dealer, and we carry other specialty products too. Why should you use better quality chemicals instead of what you can get at the big box stores? •...

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Got Leaks? Vinyl liner use and replacement

The vinyl liner in your above-ground pool or vinyl liner pool will not last forever. The recommended lifetime for this important pool component is usually set given optimal conditions for chemical use, activity, sun damage and weather damage. We find that in general,...

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"Pool Tech installed our therapy pool in 2011, which includes 4, 5 and 6-foot depths as well as jets for rehab. If we need something or have a question, we call and we get what we need. They’ve done a great job for us.”

Paul Fraise

Pool Maintenance Technician, Fort Madison Community Hospital

"Each backyard environment is unique. An architect looks at the relationship of the components to one another creating a better, more functional design. I prefer working with contractors who are very knowledgeable in their fields, like Pool Tech. I rely on their expertise of pool construction techniques and operations to provide guidance for the overall design.”

Greg Sundberg


"Building a pool was the best thing we ever did! We open it very early—it’s heated! We also have a fireplace, pergola, and barbecue pit. We spend more time outside than inside in the summer. Many nights, we’ll have a drink by the fireplace and enjoy the poolside atmosphere.”

Iowa City Pool Owner

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