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Useful and attractive!

The waterline tile surrounding your pool is an expression of your style and an attractive addition to your outdoor space. It also serves some very useful functions.

As your pool loses water through evaporation and splashing, and gains water through rainfall and replacing water with the hose, the water level shifts. Your pools finish is meant to be under water. Tile is a material that can be covered in water or not, that’s why we use it for the waterline.

You can assess your water level by knowing how many tiles down from the top tile is the spot where the optimal water level of your pool should be. If it is too low, add water until the waterline hits the correct height on the tile. Remove water as needed too.

Samples of waterline tile

From subtle to bright, express yourself with useful waterline tile!

The finish of the pool and the tile should complement each other and give you beauty and visual interest.

The photo above shows tile examples from Pool Tech pools in Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, and North Liberty Iowa. Iridescent Glass tile is a popular style now, and a great option for a remodel! We often use Lightstreams tile.

Tile denotes edges of steps and sunshelves. Ceramic tile has a non-slip finish for areas that will be stepped on.

Whether you prefer a strong contrast or a blended look, subtle colors or bright colors, your tile expresses your personality and is very functional!