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The vinyl liner in your above-ground pool or vinyl liner pool will not last forever. The recommended lifetime for this important pool component is usually set given optimal conditions for chemical use, activity, sun damage and weather damage. We find that in general, liners last about 5-10 years.

Sun and chemical overuse can cause the liner to fade, and lead to brittle vinyl. Technology is always improving, so the lifespan of a replacement liner could be longer than that of your original. Never add undiluted granular chemicals to your vinyl liner pool. The particles can settle and cause problems to the bottom of your pool.

Thicker liners are resistant to punctures, but it can happen. If your liner is leaking and you are fortunate enough to see a small hole, it can be patched. If you are losing an inch of water per week, not counting backwash and splashing, you may have a leak. Call Pool Tech (319-221-9127) and have it checked out. The consequences of leaks are corroding the walls, washing away sand on the floor, and other damage to the structure.

Installing the liner can be tricky. It requires making sure the liner has no wrinkles and is suctioned to the walls. It may be necessary to smoothly patch any pits or other marred area of the pool wall, so the liner adheres snugly. The flooring may require additional sand or floor padding. If this measurement is off, the liner could be pulled from the sides of the pool. The water holds the liner in place and assists it in fitting into corners and other spaces, such as stairs. Everything must be in sync to ensure a proper fit and a longest possible life.

There are many liner styles available for your above ground pool.

The cost to install a new liner depends on the size, location and complexity of the pool. The cost of a new liner varies depends upon the size and shape of the pool, the thickness of the material and the pattern. Give us a call if you suspect a leak or otherwise would like to replace the liner of your pool. We can help you make an accurate selection and a professional installation will increase the lifespan of your asset, helping you enjoy your water!