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It pays to use quality pool chemicals

At Pool Tech we advocate using quality chemicals for your pool. We are a BioGuard dealer, and we carry other specialty products too. Why should you use better quality chemicals instead of what you can get at the big box stores?

• Quality Counts. You’ve heard it before, quality is more important than quantity. Read labels and see what amounts of chemicals actually are in a unit of measure. Inlay terms, better quality chemicals have “no additives and fillers.” Better quality is more cost-effective in the long run.

• Help. Accurate Help. What does that seasonal employee know about your pool (or anyone’s pool!)? It is very important to keep the chemicals in balance. More chlorine is not always the answer. When you shop with us at Pool Tech you have free testing available to you, accurate analysis and printout with detailed instructions, and the solution you need.

• Variety. There are many different kinds of pools: above ground, vinyl liner, concrete; 5000 gallons or 50,000 gallons? There are also many different usages. Are you away often? Does your pool have a heavy load of swimmers? Is your pool in the sun all of the time? What type of filter are you using? Standard or mineral? Your specific needs are better met with products developed for those uses—”one-size-fits-all” does not work in the pool industry. Using the proper formulations will help keep your water in balance, using less chemicals overall. And properly balanced water feels better, does not cause dry skin or irritate eyes, making for a healthier, more enjoyable experience.

• Special helps. Do you have algae, scale, cloudy water or foam? At Pool Tech we can help you troubleshoot and get you the product you need to correct your problem. Again, more chlorine is not always the answer!

Using quality pool chemicals will save you money in the long run, both in wear-and-tear on your asset and through less chemical use. Our goal is to assist you in keeping your water sparkling clean and clear, inviting, and enjoyable. We love helping people enjoy the water!