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Commercial Sales and Support

Pool Tech is now representing the Accu-Tab feeder system!

We are excited to announce our new alliance with Axiall Corporation, the makers of the Accu-Tab feeder system. Accu-Tab is the premium cal-hypo feeder in the commercial water market. Designed with quality and ease-of-use in mind, the Accu-Tab feeder system makes clogging and cleaning sediment a thing of the past. With few moving parts the new feeders incredibly reliable.

Reduce your maintenance costs and improve system reliability—upgrade to the best chlorine delivery system today! Contact your Territory Manager or our Commercial Coordinator to learn about our Kickoff Special!

Commercial Water Management

We provide service and support to pools, spas, and water features throughout Iowa and into surrounding states. Whether we built your structure or not, we learn as much as we can about your system so we can provide the best possible service and consultation. We work with you and your existing system and offer the best ideas on how to economically run your pool.

We offer a these Commercial Pool services:

  • On-site water testing
  • Water usage evaluation
  • Continuous pool monitoring
  • Chemicals
  • Access to engineers, technicians and specialists for help in solving problems
  • On-going training in the latest technology and industry standards
  • Repair/Troubleshooting
  • Parts
  • Renovation
  • Pool Management Programs

Chemicals and Feed Systems

Safe storage and handling, safe and clean air quality, state codes and regulations... there's a lot to know! Our Territory Managers assist with product selection, instruction, information and trouble-shooting—we help you develop a cost effective system that works for you. Pool Tech uses quality products and provides expert analysis to help you develop and implement sound and safe water treatment systems. We help you maintain crystal clean, safe water, efficiently and easily.

Call Pool Tech's experienced professionals to learn more about developing a system that meets your needs. 319-221-9130 or email jfossum@pooltech.com

Design, Construction, Renovation

Pool Tech's commercial aquatic design and construction expertise can help you upgrade your facility, improving your asset. Contact us renovate for efficiency, aesthetics, and fun; adhere to ADA compliance and more. See More.

Territory Managers

Consistency—our Commercial Sales and Territory Managers have been with us for a long time—that means you get consistency in customer care. We get to know you and your systems.

Contact your Territory Manager or our Commercial Coordinator for repair, maintenance, renovation, sales and support.

Russ Martin
Territory Manager

Roger Sheetz
Territory Manager

Mike Stastny
Sr. Territory Manager

Jaime Fossum
Commercial Coordinator
Phone: (319)221-9130
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