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Soil and site preparation is a critical starting point for your backyard resort.
Soil weighs about twice as much as water and is the support for your pool. It is critical to examine the space and determine what, if anything, needs to be done to prep or amend the area that is slated for building. Often the existing soil is sturdy enough to support your new pool. Some yards are made up of soil that is not sturdy enough for construction. Our expertise and experience allow us to develop and implement solutions for the site when needed.
Testing the soil and the site can help avoid costly adjustments prior to excavation and construction. It is also necessary to build your pool patio on a quality foundation of soil.
Some of the consequences of building on poor soil are cracks, cracked finishes, leaks, uneven settling and raised patios. Some problems can be remedied, and some can’t. At Pool Tech, we stand behind our work, we care enough to get it right from the get go. You can trust that we understand how to analyze your site, giving you insurance and assurance about what will best benefit your investment, and keep you enjoying your water.