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New regulations about public swimming pools being ADA compliant are in place as of March 15, 2012.

•Accessible means of entry/exit are required for swimming pools. This includes a pool lift or sloped entry, and pools over 300 linear feet will also need either a transfer wall, transfer system, or ADA pool stairs.

•Wading pools must provide a sloped entry and spas must provide a pool lift, transfer wall, or transfer system.

•Wave actions pools, leisure rivers, and sand bottom pools require either a lift, sloped entry, or a transfer system.

The regulations are complex, and contain different standards for different sizes and types of pools. Give us a call (click here) for an expert opinion. Pool Tech can help you devise the best solution for your compliance with the new regulations, taking into consideration the uses of your aquatic facility and your budget.

We can consult for and update all types of pools. The Blackhawk County Family YMCA pool is a recent example. This Y chose a portable lift for their indoor lap pool. There was a small amount of assembly after the lift arrived, which allowed for no down-time to the pool. Another advantage of the portable lift is that it can be rolled away from the edge of the pool if the space is needed during a class or for an event.

We are proud of our long history in providing aquatic enjoyment to all!