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May is National Remodel Month—Renovate your pool for style and function! 

Technology changes fast—Is your pool still operating well? Does it match your style? Does it still meet your needs? Are you dreaming about an upgrade? We can help! Increasing energy efficiency and operational ease are good reasons to upgrade your … Continue reading

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Site preparation Part 2: Moisture concerns

In the previous post we learned that soil is the support for a swimming pool. The moisture content of soil is also a critical factor. Too much or too little water is not good. It’s water that makes soil. Think … Continue reading

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A Good Sweat!

Bathing in a Far-Infrared Saunatec Sauna from Pool Tech is so good for you! There are many benefits to a deep sweat: • In the soothing, relaxing heat of the sauna the core body temperature rises, causing blood vessels to … Continue reading

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