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Keep your pool filled and clean!
During this pandemic and at other times it is important to keep your pool and/or hot tub properly maintained. 
In the Operations Manual that we supply with every pool we build, we stress the importance of NOT draining your pool. 
Why shouldn’t you drain your pool and leave it empty? 
Short Answer—to keep your InGround pool in the ground. 
Consideration #2—the finish of your pool or the liner in your pool will be damaged.
Hydrostatic Pressure is the downward force of the water in your pool. 
Buoyant Force is the upward pressure of water—the water in the soil pushing upward. 
Pools are designed so that the weight of the pool shell structure plus the pool water provides equal force to the earth surrounding the pool. It’s a carefully planned and constructed balance. When you remove the water weight in a pool, the force of the ground and the water in the ground pushing against the pool can cause the pool to “pop” or float. This will cause a major safety issue and probable construction remodel. 
Pool Finish and Liners

The plaster finish of a concrete pool is designed to be under water. Exposing it to the elements will degrade it too quickly. 
A vinyl liner will also suffer if exposed. The weight of the water is keeping the vinyl liner in place while it is providing hydrostatic pressure balance. Liners are designed to closely fit the shape of each pool, and the weight of the water stretches the liner into position. The elasticity of the liner will not return to its original state once the water is removed. Water also provides protection from the UV rays of the sun. UV rays will damage and degrade vinyl, making it brittle—causing an early replacement. 
Maintaining your pool is good for the community!
• The maintenance of properly sanitized swimming pools is necessary to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and help maintain community health.
• Without proper pool maintenance (which includes circulation and treatment of water) various germs which are present in feces—like e. coli—can grow. It can also create a breeding ground for algae, mosquitoes, other pests and the diseases they may carry. This presents a risk not only to bathers but to the entire community at large (especially your neighbors!). 
As children and families across the country are being asked to reduce outside contact or even shelter at home, and gyms and other public facilities are closing, the backyard pool, spa or hot tub provides a fun way for families to focus on their health and well-being. These pools and hot tubs should be properly maintained by a service professional to ensure proper sanitation measures are taking place.
Please contact Pool Tech with questions or for assistance with your pool/spa, we are here to serve you!